The book is a infant story about of boy that is find a magic lamp when the magician, but had a malicious magician named Hessen, this story have a lot fantasies they put their mint to fly discovering new worlds. this story come the thousand and one night.


Aladdin is a boy poor that live with his mother, a day in the market Aladdin spoken with a sir that a moneys the promised him money to change of work. Aladdin accept the treatment. They went to a secret cavern that had a small entry that could cross Aladdin. In the cavern had a iyylot the gold, emerald and many more treasures. Aladdin saw an old lamp, this was the malicious magician wanted. Aladdin did not give the lamp to malicious magician. Aladdin stayed trapped in the cavern, he was cleaning the lamp when appeared a genius of the lamp. Aladdin went of the cavern for el genius because the fulfilled a desire. Aladdin returns at his house with his mother. The genius the came back a men with a lot money, he saw to the beautiful princess daughter the sultan and fell in love the she, they married and lived happy until the malicious magician faced in a battle for have the magic lamp but Aladdin the win the battle to malicious magician, Aladdin the princess were happily ever after.

Aladdin: He is the principal protagonist the story.
Haseen: He is the malicious magician in the story and the Aladdin´s enemy.
Genius: He is the genius the magic lamp.
Leila: She is the beautiful princess daughter the sultan.
Sultan: He is the father of the princess.